Sunday, April 29, 2012

Girls like Jeff Gordon Power Wheels!

Abby, having fun with the Lithium powered Jeff Gordon Power Wheels Stock Car Racer.
Way to go Abby!!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Jeff Gordon Power Wheels

The Barbie Jeep Power Wheels has been great fun for the grand sons! Just for the heck of it I checked Craigs list and found a Jeff Gordon Power Wheels.  In excellent condition. Friday evening 27, April,  we bought it and brought it home.

The Jeff Gordon Stock car is 12 volts, it has two 6 Volt batteries connected in series to get the 12 volts.
To access the batteries the whole front nose of the car has to be removed.

 Here you can see the electrical connector that connects the batteries in series and also has connections for the foot petal switch.

I located another nonworking 19.2 volt Craftsman Work Light, took it apart, removed the wires and the on off switch.
 Then cut off the unneeded handle and soldered heavy 10 GA wires to the Work Light Connectors.
Make sure that the Work Light connector polarity is the same as originally wired.

I selected the location behind and under the seat. This will make it convenient to access to the rechargeable 19.2 volt Craftsman battery by laying the seat forward to remove the battery for the connector to put it in the recharger.

I ran the battery wires in the same wiring trough with the Power Wheels motor wiring.
At the shifter the wiring trough is fairly tight to get the wires to lay in place.  the easiest way to get the wires up to connect to the original battery wires that connect near the foot petal switch was to use the hot tip of my soldering iron to melt a hole through the plastic ribbed trough and run the battery power wires along side the foot switch and make the wiring connection in the OEM battery compartment.

Wiring is complete for the 19.2 Craftsman Lithium rechargeable battery.
Reattach the front clip and snap in the battery. Replace the seat.

I need a young volunteer driver...... I wonder where I can find a Little Jeff Gordon?

Is it or is it not a little Jeff Gordon?

Under that helmet is it Jeff Gordon? .........
Hey! It's my neighbor Alec!

He has been driving his John Deere Power wheels for some time and he really has the hang of
Real Driving!  Great Driving Alec!

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Souping Up A Barbie Beach Ranger Jeep

My 6 year old Grandson, Ty, was not too sure about this at first, but it didn't take long and he was enjoying the FUN of the souped up Barbie Beach Ranger. I better get him a helmet!
This has been a very nice spring day. We have a couple of our grand kids here and this gave me the opportunity to put a Lithium 19.2 Volt Craftsman tool battery in place of the 12 Volt sealed Lead acid battery.
I used the old battery connector and added it to a Craftsman 19.2 volt work-light power socket.
I cut off the unnecessary part  of the work-light handle.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

DIY Electric Bike Costs Breakdown

$236  36V 800W 26" Rear Wheel Electric Bicycle Hub Motor Kit
$  28  (4) Craftsman Cordless 19.2 Volt Worklights
$    6 10 Pcs 50 Volt 10 Amp Schottky Diodes,
$170    Current Batteries  4 Each, 19.2 Volt 3.7 Ah Lithium Rechargeable Tool Batteries
$    6   2 Each,  Anderson Connector SB50, #8AWG, 50A
$    4    D and B Supply  ATC Automotive, Inline Fuse holder, with 30A Fuse
$  10  Heavy Duty Battery Cutoff Switch (Discontinued)
$  10    Misc. 3' 16GA Wire, 5/16" Ring Crimp-on Connectors, Heat Shrink Tubing, Hot Glue sticks and Electrical tape

$470     Total DIY Electric Bike Conversion Parts
$  30     Purchase of Specialized Hardrock 26" 18 Speed, mountain bike from Deseret Indusrties.
Note: *All prices rounded to nearest $

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2011 Drivers Pay Highest Ever In Christmas Gas Prices

Hi, Well here we go again, The price of fuel did NOT go up! it actually went down to the lowest price of 3 years.
Why does the media say crap like this? To keep us emotional about things that we cannot control.
We all need to break free from the scare tactics and lies of the media.  This is one of the reasons why I drive and ride electric!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Battery Groups Glued and 50 Amp Connector

The 50 Amp Anderson connector came a few days ago and I have purchased a 30 Amp fuse holder and 30A fuse. I think I have all of the stuff to finish securing the battery holders to each other.  I did not like the exposed wiring connections. It looked to me that when I was connecting the batteries into the holders it was possible that the exposed wire terminal ends could get in contact with another battery holder terminal.
I used High Temperature hot glue to glue the battery holders together.

I connected the keyed battery cutoff switch inline with the negative battery wire.